Toby K. Davis

Toby K. Davis

The Ever Part of Always

Keely Tucker’s First Adventure

Ten-year-old Keely Rosalie Tucker is a modern-day knight with no armor. Constantly bullied by a neighbor boy, Keely struggles to find her place in the world in which she is comforted only by the stories her Gramms has told her about enchanted, faraway places, where unicorns, fairies, and angels protect children from life’s everyday pains and dangers. Now all Keely has to do is figure out how to call them to help her.

Everything changes when her beloved Gramms suddenly dies and gifts Keely with her aging horse, Mariah-setting the stage for an adventure. Keely discovers that Mariah can talk, and she soon finds her way to a hidden valley over the moon and beyond rainbows where monsters and dragons disturb and invade the peace of mind. Now she must learn to believe in herself and develop her secret powers in order to deliver a miracle before it is too late.

In this delightful and charming fantasy tale, a little girl learns to summon her courage and rely on her imagination as she opens her heart and mind to the sounds of the possible in a last-ditch effort to save a friend. 


“It is a captivating fantasy adventure, and hope is the message… I want readers to be inspired to believe in themselves, and to use imagination to unlock their future.”

Toby’s The Ever Part of Always – Keely Tucker’s First Adventure uses fantasy and imagination to “teach kids to believe in themselves, giving them tips to overcome low self-esteem and a lack of self-confidence” and to convey the idea that their uniqueness is their biggest asset. She hopes to inspire her broad range of potential readers, kids, parents, and educators alike, and make them learn to dream and trust. “People want to believe and this book will take them to that place where it’s possible”.

Toby expresses that kids can easily relate to her unusual characters and that they are encouraged to widen their horizon to reach the possibility of joining in Keely’s adventure. This is because her characters are “compelling, imaginative, yet real” in a magical sense.

“Words have power and I want mine to help kids discover the answers they need to find, to ignite their imaginations.”