Toby K. Davis

Toby K. Davis

“The single word that defines me is eclectic; I am a conglomeration of my experiences – the good and the bad.”

Toby K. Davis was born in a two-room, tin-roofed home in Tennessee, relocated at a young age, and grew up in the small Eastern Washington State town of Richland. Toby became a teacher and taught gifted and challenged students in several countries for over ten years. As the eclectic spouse of a U.S. Foreign Service Officer, she reinvented herself and established careers in twelve overseas postings, where none were thought possible — from the red dunes of Saudi Arabia to the shores of Tel Aviv. Toby created successful businesses such as Bedouin Arabia and Gifts of the Magi, held Management Officer and Contracting Officer positions in US Embassies, and was known as a problem solver of complex situations where the solutions were nearly impossible to find; whether it was building a base/school in the jungles of Peru, depositing riyal checks in “male” only banks, or designing and implementing the first overseas career ladder for Embassy workers.

“Every new culture that I absorb, or language I learn, or person I teach, or child I hug, give me new pieces of myself, and I leave bits of me with them.”

“Writing is simply a passion with me.” Her true passion remained writing; she wrote everywhere regardless of the location. Her husband is fond of saying it was Toby’s job to learn the languages. Absorbing languages and cultures at the drop of the hat, some languages sticking longer than others — Thai, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Norwegian, to name a few, was part of the job. She is a gifted storyteller, well qualified to write this inspirational, fantasy tale. The goals of her teaching and writing are to intrinsically motivate kids to believe in themselves, using imagination to problem solve and discover their individual talents.

“I am a creative problem solver, I find a way to get it done, even if it means going in an indirect route to the goal.”

Toby and her husband Rob retired to Arlington, Virginia, upon completion of their tour in Tel Aviv, Israel, where Rob served as a diplomat at the U.S. Embassy. Their love of travel and exploring ancient ruins, civilizations and cultures keeps them busy and each new adventure adds unique memories to share.

“I will be growing and changing, today and tomorrow, hoping to inspire others as they have inspired me.”