While reading The Ever Part of Always — Keely Tucker’s First Adventure, I often paused and closed my eyes for a moment, letting the lyrical words of the author sweep over me and paint the scene. Phrases like “Keely goose-bumped with fear” “moving so swiftly that the “ow” part of their howl was left behind””the melody was recovered from the mist-filled, enchanted garden of her grandmother’s memories”… just grabbed a hold of me. The author definitely has a way with weaving words together to create a beautiful and touching scene. The illustrations that pepper the book, match the scenes perfectly and seem to want to jump off the page. They draw you into the story (pun intended) and are so intricate. Every time I glance at one, I pick up new tiny details that enchant me. 

This story of a little girl who learns how to stand up to bullies, believe in herself, and learn the meaning of self-sacrifice really touched me. You see the growth of Keely throughout the book; from an introverted and bullied little girl to one who stands tall, “gone were the scrunched shoulders, the hanging head, the little girl hiding from shadows”. 

My daughter is still a little young to read this book; she is only four but she has already made the pages ragged looking at the pictures and making her own story from them. It has a prominent place on her bookshelf (I wanted it on mine but she begged to keep it on hers) and I can’t wait for the day when I can open it up and share this magical story (the real one) with her.

Side note, the title states that this is Keely’s “First” adventure, which makes me hope that this is only book one of an eventual series. If you want a magical, refreshing and uplifting book I highly recommend this!

Reviewer: A.D Marcoux, October 29, 2012