This story will probably appeal to the pre-teen crowd. Our protagonist is a highly imaginative little 10-year-old girl named Keely Tucker. Keely doesn’t have the happiest life imaginable although it looks much worse to her than it might to an adult looking on. But that’s the point of a story for pre-teens to show how they feel and they cope. And Keely has a very special way of coping she talks to trees, for example. But life gets really interesting when her beloved grandmother dies and leaves her a unicorn! A unicorn that once belonged to her slightly neurotic mother. Unhappily, the unicorn dies after giving birth to a baby unicorn. Keely and the baby unicorn, Crea bond and Keely learns all sorts of new talents using her mind. Unfortunately, during one of their excursions to the stars, a tiny bit of a star gets lodged in Crea’s hoof and she starts dying. Keely and her special friends (a talking cat and dog) must find a way to save her. But she must convince her doubting mother first in the existence of the unicorn and then the need for Keely and her friends to fly over the rainbow to find the cure. 

This is an incredibly imaginative story of Keely’s trials finding a cure. I was very impressed. The writing was concise and I think it would speak to any little 10-year-old girl. I have to admit to a lack of experience reading teen or pre-teen literature; my granddaughter isn’t that old yet. But it sure looks like a winner to me. I’m keeping this on the shelf for a few years. 

Reviewer: Catherine Book